re not abolished alt●ogether until 1808.How so ridicul●ous a fashion had been retained so lo▓ng it is hard to imagine.Men wer●e helpless to finish off their hea


ddress for▓ parade by themselves.“Tie fo●r tie,” and “plait for plait,” wa▓s the general cry in every barrack-room,▓ and woe to the man who had no friend to▓ help him! The only trace of the absur▓d custom is the black silk “flash” wor▓n on the collars of the officers of the R▓oyal Welsh Fusiliers. The o●ld Hussar dress, with its swinging pelisse, ▓was introduced from Hungary, where i●t was the national attire, about● 1806, when the 7th, 10th, and 15th L●ight Dragoons adopted the new name● o

f “Hussars,” and wore a scarlet sh●ako, instead of the former hea▓ddress, the

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busby; while by 1820, the 9▓th, 12th, 16th, and 17th Lig●ht Dragoons were armed with the lance, and ap▓peared in the Army List as Lancers●.For their services at


Ciudad, Badajoz, and● San Sebastian, the Engineers became the “C●orps of Sappers and Miners.” One n▓oticeable thing relating to the▓ Highland forces had occurred i●n the early part of the period under consider●ation.Between 1793 and 1809, Scotland had willi▓ngly furnished some 70,000 men to▓ fill the ranks of her natio▓nal section of the army.But North▓ Britain was not populous, and the supply of ●men, more than such a country could ●afford, began to fail.There were● then one cavalry and nineteen infan▓try regiments serving with the colours and ▓wearing the tartan; but alrea▓dy, as too often occurs at th▓e present time, there were many regi?/p>

坢ents which perforce were recr▓uited in England, and were o▓nly Scottish by name and dress.Hence ●it was that six of these regiments, the 90t●h, 91st, 72nd, 74th, 75th, and 94●th, were ordered to abandon the ●kilt, and adopt the ordinary line uniform. ▓ There had been many changes in the ●form of the sword.At first a broa▓d two-edged blade, a heavy, hack●ing weapon231 with a cross hilt, it was ●designed to wound men in armour.Not that,● apparently, they ran much dang●er, for in many a battle few were killed.The● wounds received in action appear to hav

e ▓been chiefly contusions.48 The ma●ce or axe was in armoured days probably mor

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ets) with groov▓es.Finally, about the end of the last● century, and for long after, the merely thr●usting rapier was almost univers▓al, save the hanger or cutlass us▓ed by bluejackets.But fashions change, an▓d the rapier blade widened out into the m●odern cut-and-thrust sword, and the simp●le shell-like rapier guard ag

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